Orgasmic Disorder

Women in the U.S. have never been in a better position historically and geographically to expect and receive sexual pleasure. Yet, many women are not able to orgasm or only orgasm sometimes, dulling their sexual experience and all that it could be. Fortunately, there are cutting-edge solutions now that help women achieve climaxes with heights they never dreamed possible. The ecstasy of an orgasm is something all women deserve to feel. If you have never had an orgasm or are having a hard time reaching orgasm, a visit to Balanced Medical Solutions could change everything! They can provide you with options that will help you achieve the satisfaction you deserve.

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Orgasmic Disorder Q&A

What is orgasmic disorder?

Orgasmic disorder or anorgasmia is the lack of or delays in sexual climax (orgasm) even though sexual stimulation is sufficient and the woman is sexually aroused mentally and emotionally. About 1 of 10 women never reach orgasm in their lives and many women only climax sometimes. The treatments offered at Balanced Medical Solutions can greatly enhance a woman’s ability to orgasm, even if they have never had an orgasm before. Some women report having “insanely good orgasms” after receiving treatment.

What kinds of treatments are used for orgasmic disorder?

Depending on the root cause of the orgasmic disorder and each patient’s personal goals and medical profile, treatments may include creams, injections, and oral medications. One very popular treatment is the PRP shot for women (AKA O-Shot®).  The PRP Shot (AKA O-Shot®) rejuvenates a woman’s vaginal tissues by triggering the growth of new blood vessels, collagen, and elastin. This helps to strengthen the vaginal lining and recovers lost elasticity and the ability to lubricate naturally, making intercourse much more pleasurable. To make things even better, the PRP Shot or O-Shot® helps women have better and more stronger orgasms. When the clitoris receives some of the PRP, it promotes the growth of new nerves, blood vessels, and collagen in this area.

In some cases, hormonal treatments may be needed since some women are not able to achieve an orgasm due to hormonal imbalances.  As women age, the tissues inside the vagina begin to change as estrogen levels decline. Without enough estrogen, the vaginal lining becomes dry and not as flexible. This can cause painful intercourse, lack of lubrication, and also can make the vagina susceptible to infections.   This is particularly common in women who have gone through menopause. In those cases, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be the right solution.

What can I expect from a sexual health evaluation at Balanced Medical Solutions?

We understand that each individual is a unique patient and that treatments for sexual dysfunctions are not meant to be “one size fits all.” We also know there are many reasons why a woman is experiencing symptoms and sometimes they are a sign of another condition that must be addressed in order to treat the root cause. For only $99, Balanced Medical Solutions experienced physicians will medically evaluate you as an individual and run a comprehensive blood panel to try to get to the bottom of what is causing your problem – in order to create the safest and most effective treatment plan tailored for you.

If you are not 100% sexually fulfilled or are concerned about fulfilling your partner, the solutions offered at Balanced Medical can help turn things around and bring more vitality, sensuality, and passion into your life. Be proactive and make an appointment now!

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