Testosterone is a crucial hormone for men. Without a proper level of testosterone, you will face a range of difficulties in different aspects of your life. As men age, they go through a process similar to the female menopause, known as andropause, whereas they naturally produce less of this crucial hormone.  The good news is that it is easily and safely treatable so that men can feel and perform like their younger selves into their old age.  If you suspect or know that you have a testosterone level that is below average, rest assured that help is right around the corner. Balanced Medical Solutions is a low testosterone clinic that is proud to serve men in and around Oakland, CA.

Signs of Low Testosterone

Although not everyone experiences low testosterone the same way, certain signs become apparent — especially as a man ages. Some signs to look out for include erectile dysfunction, hair loss, fatigue and low energy levels, irritability, and depression. To find out more about what to look for, access our free low testosterone quiz to see if you may be suffering from this common and easily treatable condition. If you notice these signs, come to Balanced Medical Solutions — a low T clinic that is here to help.

How We Can Help with Low Testosterone

As mentioned before, low testosterone expresses itself differently in each person, so when you work with us, we will create a confidential, individualized treatment plan to safely increase your testosterone levels. One of the most common symptoms of low T is erectile dysfunction, so we are also an erectile dysfunction clinic that can help you return your sex life back to normal.

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