You may have heard about treatments that use cryolipolysis or thermal energy to destroy fat cells and help you achieve a smoother contour, but those technologies only address half of your body contouring issues. To sculpt your body and get the abs, buttocks, and arms of your dreams, you need to lose fat and build lean muscle.

You could tighten the belt on your diet and up your hours at the gym, or you could come in to Balanced Medical Solutions for the ultimate body sculpting experience — HI-EMT. Our team of medical professionals administers this FDA-approved, non-invasive, highly effective treatment that uses high energy-focused electromagnetic wave technology to do the hard work for you.

The science behind a sculpted body

The great paradox of building a better body is that the ideal scenario is to lose fat and gain muscle, but your body isn’t designed to do both of those things at the same time; it either loses both fat and muscle when you cut back on your diet, or it gains them both when you overfeed it, but gaining muscle and losing fat is a physiological contradiction.

In the constant search for the holy grail of body sculpting, people try every imaginable adjustment to their diet and workout routines, and usually fail because they:

  • Don’t eat enough
  • Eat too much
  • Eat the wrong food
  • Eat at the wrong times
  • Don’t work out hard enough
  • Work out too hard
  • Neglect cardio exercises

With all these variables just lying in wait to sabotage your mission, it’s good to know there is a way to bypass these unpredictable factors.

How HI-EMT works when diet and exercise don’t

The revolutionary HI-EMT technology slims and tones your body with a one-two punch.

Building muscle

To build muscle, you need to tear it down first. Everytime you lift weights and tax your muscles, you break down the fibers. And when your body repairs these injuries, it fuses the fibers together and you build muscle mass.

Our HI-EMT treatment carries out this process without the weights, the sweat, or the time. We customize your treatment and program the device to contract your muscles for several seconds at a time to replicate the same process that occurs at the gym. This is repeated so many times during your half-hour treatment session that it dramatically reshapes the structure of your muscle fibers.

You won’t feel pain, per se, but you can expect to feel like you’ve been through a great workout. Then, about four to eight weeks later, you should see the result of an up to 16% increase in toned muscle mass. This is where six-pack abs, mermaid muscles, and peach hips are born.

Losing fat

Those newly hardened muscles won’t do you much good if they’re hidden under a layer of soft fat, which is why our HI-EMT technology is better than other types of treatments that only work on one problem or the other.

As our noninvasive device sends waves of electromagnetic energy deep into your tissues and intensely contracts your muscles, another reaction takes place. Fatty acids are broken down, which triggers a process called apoptosis, a kind of programmed cell death that rids your body of old or damaged cells during normal tissue development.

Over the next few weeks after your treatment, you should see up to 19% fat loss in addition to firmer muscles.

The takeaway

HI-EMT is an amazing technology that delivers both fat-reducing and muscle-building benefits at the same time, but there are a couple things to keep in mind before you dive in:

  1. This treatment works best if you’re not too far off from your ideal healthy body weight. It’s not meant to be a major weight-loss program.
  2. Although you may see some immediate results, such as a flatter abdomen or slightly bigger biceps, the results keep getting better and max out in a few weeks after finishing your full recommended course
  3. To maintain your new physique, it’s best to schedule booster sessions throughout the year.
  4. HI-EMT isn’t for everyone: if you’re pregnant or nursing, have any type of device implanted, like a pacemaker, or have certain serious health conditions, this is not for you.

To find out more about the science behind HI-EMT and whether it might be just the treatment you’ve been looking for to sculpt your body, call us at 510-679-3300 in Hayward, California, for a consultation today.



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