Sexual Health & Anti-Aging Practice in Hayward, CA

Pricing match available with a written quote from a local competitor. Call for details.

You can have access to our life-changing treatments for the cost of a daily cup of coffee!

Our cutting-edge treatments used to only be affordable for the rich and famous movie stars who have known about these solutions for decades and have used them to stay fit, defy aging, and maintain their energy, performance, and stamina into their golden years.

Now that the secret is out and millions of proactive individuals have changed their lives with these treatments, the demand and supply has increased and prices have become more affordable and accessible.

At Balanced Medical Solutions, we want ALL men and women to enjoy long, healthy lives full of energy, vitality, and sexual satisfaction and thus, work to pass on these savings to our patients. We also believe in transparency.

Our average treatment prices include free follow-up office visits, medical monitoring, and all supplies*:

  • Hormonal treatments: $3-$10/day
  • Medical Weight Loss: $5-$20/day
  • Sexual Health: $3-$10/day
  • Antiaging: $10-$20/day

*This is an average cost based on 90 days of treatment and does not include special procedures, such as stem cells.

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