Here is what you should know to make an informed decision as to whether or not you should start messing with your hormone levels on your own or without a local doctor overseeing the process.

With the natural decrease in testosterone production that comes with aging, many men suffer from uncomfortable symptoms such as ED, PE, low libido, low energy, irritability, and weight gain. Learn why it is important that you seek the care of a local medical provider to help you rebalance your hormones and about the risks of trying to do it yourself or through an online company or clinic.

Estrogen production

Over-the-counter testosterone boosters are very popular, but there is a hidden side effect that many men are unaware of. The more a man increases his testosterone levels, the more estrogen will be produced by the body because when the body metabolizes testosterone, it produces estrogen. Estrogen is considered a female hormone and although men produce it as well, its levels should be low in healthy men. High estrogen levels in men can cause irritability, moodiness, and even gynecomastia or the growth of “male breasts.”

At Balanced Medical Solutions in Hayward, we have seen hundreds of patients who took testosterone boosters or TRT on their own and who had no idea they needed to also take a second medication to keep their estrogen levels in check. Fortunately, they found us and with our personalized care, we were able to help them get their testosterone and estrogen levels rebalanced.

Red blood cell count

Another issue that men that take testosterone on their own may be unaware of is that testosterone has a well-documented erythrogenic effect that increases red blood cell production. This can increase risk of blood clots and stroke. Thus, it is very important for men taking testosterone boosters or TRT to have routine blood tests and know what appropriate steps to take to avoid any complications. At Balanced Medical Solutions, we monitor our patients closely for this and any other changes in blood work levels.

TRT is usually only for older men

Many younger men also don’t realize that once they start full testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), it can impact their normal hormonal production for many years. In general, full TRT makes sense for older men who are no longer producing their own testosterone or at very minimal quantities, but it is not recommended for men that have not gone through andropause. At Balanced Medical Solutions, we have seen hundreds of patients who did not know this and were convinced by an online clinic or elsewhere to start TRT without knowing that they could have been prescribed a testosterone booster instead to increase their own natural production.

Thus, it is very important to visit a trusted medical provider who is going to look out for the patient’s overall health and wellness and prescribe them the right regimen for their age, current testosterone levels, and other factors. Unfortunately, online testosterone vendors have many bad actors that are in the business of trying to get as many people on TRT as possible and don’t inform their customers of the risks of TRT for younger men, and the safe alternatives that exist to help them.

Every man is different

At Balanced Medical Solutions, we know that no two patients are the same and therefore make sure that the dosage a patient receives for their hormone treatment is tailored to each individual patient. Many online vendors offer standardized dosages that may be too high or too low for optimum results.

Bio-identical testosterone pellets

If you qualify for TRT, bio-identical testosterone pellets are a better option than injections, gels or patches for the delivery of consistent testosterone over a fairly lengthy period of time. This helps eliminate any fluctuations and pellets contain a plant-based testosterone that is a perfect match to human testosterone. The only way to get this type of TRT is to partner with a local trusted clinic, like Balanced Medical Solutions, because it has to be done in person.

Routine monitoring and follow-ups

There is a lot involved in the process of balancing and optimizing hormones. With a local trusted medical partner like Balanced Medical Solutions, you can call or come see a provider in person at any time. Supervision is important for success when doing any kind of hormone treatment. At Balanced Medical Solutions, all follow-up office visits are free of charge.

Safe medical help

In conclusion, the internet and social media feeds are packed with promises from companies trying to push testosterone supplements — but can they be trusted?

Why take the chance? Many online sources are scams, and others are not medical specialists with knowledge of a whole-system approach. Thus, when someone buys their products, they may be putting themselves at risk for serious health issues.

At Balanced Medical Solutions, we offer only evidenced-based therapies for optimizing hormone levels and monitor our patients every step of the way to achieve health goals safely and minimize risks of complications.

If you feel you may have low testosterone or have been doing testosterone on your own or through an online clinic and are looking for more personalized care and monitoring for a reasonable price, schedule an appointment at Balanced Medical Solutions today.

Not sure if you have low testosterone? Take our free hormone hormone quiz to see if you have any of the common symptoms.

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