Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) or inhibited sexual desire (ISD) is characterized as a lack or absence of desire for sexual activity and physical intamacy.  Although both men and women will probably experience a low sex drive at some point in their lives, it is common for individuals to experience a decline in libido around age 40.

What causes low sex drive in women?

Emotional trauma related to sexuality and relationship problems can certainly cause an aversion to sexual intimacy with a particular person or in general. Chronic fatigue, illness, stress, drug/alcohol abuse, malnourishment, and side effects from certain medications, can also be underlying causes. Absent these factors, the most common physical underlying condition that causes low libido in women are hormonal changes that come with aging, such as menopause. When women’s estrogen levels decrease, this can cause their libido to drop significantly.  

What causes low sex drive in men?

Like in women, emotional trauma, relationship issues, chronic stress, fatigue, medication side-effects, drug/alcohol abuse, and illness can all affect a men’s sexual drive. However, absent these factors, most men experience a decrease in sex drive around age 40 due to a decrease in testosterone levels, which is part of the hormonal changes that men go through as they age. 

How is low libido treated?

When it comes to treating your low sex drive, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. The physicians at Balanced Medical Solutions develop personalized plans that address the root cause of your low libido to align with your sexual health goals. This is determined via a medical evaluation with comprehensive labs to check your hormone levels and your general health as well as your confidential conversation with a specialist. 

Your personalized treatment plan may include:

  • Prescription medication
  • Hormone therapy, including bioidentical hormone pellet therapy
  • Anti-aging medicine
  • Vitamin IVs or injections to address nutritional deficiencies

If your low sex drive lasts three or more months, the experienced physicians at Balanced Medical Solutions recommend you schedule an evaluation. Your low libido may be a sign of an underlying health issue that shouldn’t be ignored, including medical conditions such as atherosclerosis or hormonal changes.  

What can I expect during a low sex drive evaluation?

You can expect a thorough evaluation from the sexual health experts at Balanced Medical Solutions when you come to the office seeking help for your low sex drive. The team asks detailed questions about your symptoms, sexual history, medical history, lifestyle, and stress levels. To get to the root cause of your low libido, the team also runs comprehensive lab tests – all for only $99 and follow-up visits are free of charge.

Your low sex drive can affect your mental and emotional health, but help IS available to reignite your flame. For comprehensive care from an experienced team, call Balanced Medical Solutions, or schedule an appointment online today.


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