Even if you are feeling good and healthy, you should consider the new trend among super achievers – optimization, which helps optimize performance and enhance stamina in the gym, on the field, in the bedroom, and at work. Optimization protocols can help proactive individuals get to the top of their game with regards to physical performance and can help men become “Superman” in the bedroom. Women also engage in optimization to increase their physical stamina in the gym, in sports, and to enjoy sex even more.

How does optimization work?

Optimization protocols, like any other treatments, start with an evaluation that includes an in-person medical exam and blood tests. Depending on what the evaluation results are, the specialists at Balanced Medical Solutions tailor a customized optimization plan for each patient.

Optimization protocols help individuals develop better muscle definition, lose and keep off unwanted pounds, and increase energy levels. In the bedroom, men are able to have erections that are stronger, last longer, and the penis is able to reach its most maximum size.  Women have stronger and longer orgasms and achieve incredible levels of arousal.

What types of treatments are used for optimization?

There are various treatments recommended for optimization, depending on an individual’s fitness level and personal goals.  For sexual health optimization, there are revolutionary protocols that can rejuvenate sexual organs and significantly enhance love-making. For workout optimization, there are various peptide-based treatments that help patients feel the energy and stamina levels of their younger selves, and that help individuals build lean muscle mass and lose weight easier.

How can I learn more about optimization protocols?

Balanced Medical Solutions offers a consultation whereas you can ask a specialist any questions you may have about optimization protocols and discuss your goals more in-depth.  You can also book an initial optimization evaluation for $69, which includes an exam and blood tests and a customized optimization plan.

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