Hormonal imbalances are often at the root of many sexual dysfunctions, low libido, weight gain, fatigue, moodiness, mental fogginess and more! Take this short quiz to find out if you may be suffering from this condition, which is especially common in men and women over 40 years old:

  1. Are you having trouble losing weight?
  2. Do you feel fatigued or have low energy?
  3. Have you lost muscle tone or strength in your arms and legs?
  4. Do you have a low sex drive or a sexual dysfunction?
  5. Are you forgetful or have a hard time focusing?
  6. Are you feeling depressed or unmotivated?
  7. Are you having trouble sleeping or wake up feeling tired?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, you should have your hormone levels tested right away because you might be suffering from a hormonal imbalance, which is treatable in most cases. If you are in the SF Bay Area, you can receive a comprehensive hormonal evaluation from Balanced Medical Solutions for only $69! If a hormonal imbalance is found to be the culprit of your suffering, they can provide you with a personalized treatment plan and will monitor you every step of the way back to increased vitality, satisfaction, and passion!  Once your hormones are rebalanced you will most likely feel many years younger!

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