Made up of cells, tissues, organs, and proteins throughout your body, your immune system is a complex network of soldiers on a constant lookout for foreign invaders.

When it detects something that doesn’t belong, like when you breathe in an airborne virus, it launches a response that attacks the bacterium, toxin, or virus. Your immune system then forms antibodies that register and remember that particular foreign invader and mark it for destruction by other cells. This is why the common cold doesn’t kill you and you can resist infection from a paper cut. This process is the concept behind vaccinations — giving your system a taste of a virus, so that it can create an antibody for it in the future, but not enough to make you sick.

A healthy immune system certainly gives you the best fighting odds if you do. That’s where we come in. Our team of expert health care professionals at Balanced Medical Solutions specialize in optimizing your immune system to keep you in the best condition to battle anything that may come your way.

Under normal circumstances, your immune system does a great job recognizing and fighting off infections, but there are many things that can compromise your immune system so it’s not working at peak capacity. Our team here in Hayward, California, recognizes those areas of weakness and wants to offer you ways to optimize your immune system.

Getting your hormones back in balance

Many people don’t realize the intricate connection between hormones and wellness. Your hormones are responsible for critical body functions such as metabolism, cell renewal, growth, sexual functions, mood, sleep cycles, and more.

If you’re running low on estrogen or testosterone, it will affect you in some obvious ways, like a lower libido and night sweats, to name a few symptoms. But it will also suppress your immune system and lower your defenses against antigens.

Our expert providers can diagnose your hormone deficiencies and offer you bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to get you back in balance.

Micronutrient deficiencies

Nearly every choice you make affects your immune system. Whether and how much you smoke, drink alcohol, or take illicit drugs; whether you exercise or stay sedentary; even how you handle personal relationships and conflicts at work that cause mental and emotional stress all contribute positively or negatively to your immune system’s ability to do its job.

One of the primary choices you can make to keep your immune system strong is to feed it—and feed it well. This means a healthy diet of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and reduced fats and sugars. When you deprive your body of valuable micronutrients like essential vitamins and minerals, you put your immune system at a grave disadvantage.

We can help correct these nutrient deficiencies with our specialized immune boosting protocols, including:

  • Vitamin cocktail IVs
  • Plenish
  • MIC (methionin, inositol, and choline) injections with vitamin B12 or C
  • CJC 1295 (synthetic growth hormone)
  • Tri-amino
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Glutathione (antioxidant that prevents cell damage)
  • Ipamorelin (a peptide, or chain of five amino acids)
  • Plaque X (a medication that restores cell membrane integrity)

Whether you’re missing some key micronutrients because of age, illness, a poor diet, or a harsh lifestyle, we can restore your balance and get you back on a healthy track.

April is the time to act!

Our team is offering three specials to help you boost your immunity and get ready to fight any antigens that might come your way. Mention this blog to receive these specials:

  1. Get a free immune-boosting injection with your initial evaluation, which includes an exam to evaluate your immune system. Immune boosting injections for only $20.
  2. Special immune-boosting package that includes 16 immune-boosting injections  (good for two months) only $199/m.

These specials are a great deal, but are only available for a limited time— these offers end April 30, 2020. Call us at 510-679-3300 to set up an appointment soon, so that your immune system can stay healthy and strong.



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