Your immune system is critical to your health, and vitamins are critical to your immune system.

But if you find yourself standing in the drug store staring at countless bottles of vitamins on the shelf wondering which to take and how much, you’re not alone. Those over-the-counter products are confusing because they’re trying to cater to all people, which isn’t really possible.

Every individual is unique, and your immune system doesn’t need the same thing as the person standing next to you in the vitamin aisle. So what do you need?

We’re glad you asked. At Balanced Medical Solutions, helping you take proactive steps toward the healthiest you is what we do best. Our team of medical experts specializes in every aspect of health and wellness, including hormonal balancewomen’s and men’s sexual health, and immune system optimization.

So when you’re looking to boost your immunity, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced professionals understand the function and purpose of each vitamin and mineral, and more importantly, we know how to determine exactly where you’re deficient and how to maximize your nutrient levels. One of the ways we do that is through vitamin IV therapy. Here’s how it works.

Vitamin you

At Balanced Medical Solutions, we understand that many factors affect your health and your immune system, like age, hormones, genetics, chronic illnesses, lifestyle choices, diet, exercise, and weight to name a few.

When we begin working with you to optimize your immune system, we take a good look at these factors to create an overall picture of your health status. Once we know exactly which nutrients you’re deficient in, we formulate a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs — you won’t find that in a bottle on a shelf.

The difference between IV therapy and oral vitamins

We choose to offer Vitamin IV therapy because its benefits far outweigh the oral version. Your age, health, body composition, and metabolism all affect the rate at which oral supplements are absorbed. Much of what you swallow never makes it into your bloodstream.

But intravenous (IV) vitamins are delivered directly into your bloodstream, so you get the maximum benefits immediately. Your cells literally drink in the nutrients and get to work fighting off diseases.

When do I need vitamin IV therapy?

Even when you feel fine, vitamin IV therapy can help keep your system running at peak condition to ward off illness. But if your health has been compromised or your defenses are down, vitamin IV therapy can give you the boost you need to get back into fighting shape.

Here are a few things that can compromise your immune system:

  • Depression and grief
  • Smoking (or breathing second-hand smoke)
  • Exercising too much or not enough
  • Being stressed out
  • Binge drinking alcohol
  • UV rays from the sun
  • Too much saturated fat in your diet

Any combination of these common occurrences can tax your immune system and make it hard to ward off illnesses. But you can counteract these negatives with a positive boost of vitamins, minerals, peptides, and amino acids.

Your personal vitamin IV therapy

We  get to know you, your current and past health conditions, and your personal wellness goals — only then do we begin to formulate your personalized vitamin cocktail.

For example, if you’re dehydrated or malnourished because of a recent illness, bad diet, or overexertion, vitamin IV therapy can restore vital nutrients and electrolytes.

If you’ve accumulated toxins over the years from smoke, environmental pollution, or medications, vitamin IV therapy can flush them from your blood so your body can concentrate on staying healthy.

And if you’re currently fighting certain conditions, like fibromyalgia, migraines, slow metabolism, kidney stones, and more, we mix a solution to help your body overcome those symptoms.

If you’re ready to amp up your immune system and want to know if vitamin IV therapy might be right for you, give us a call at our Hayward, California, office or schedule a telehealth consultation today.

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