Regardless of what we call it – Manpause, Male Menopause, Andropause or Low Testosterone/Low T, they all describe the process that men go through as they age, whereas they lose testosterone production. This gradual change usually happens between the ages of 40-60, but some men can start this process in their thirties. 

A decrease in testosterone levels can cause very uncomfortable and even unbearable symptoms, such as weight gain (especially around the stomach), fatigue, irritability, low sexual appetite, and even sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction (ED and premature ejaculation (PE). Fortunately, there are safe and effective treatments to resolve these symptoms and help older men feel and perform like they did in their 20s. Some treatment options are even naturally-derived and have very low risk of side effects. 

Where a lot of men get into trouble is when they succumb to the effects of aging without realizing they don’t have to be passive victims. Others turn to their vitamin store, gym, or online clinics for testosterone boosters or testosterone supplements without having comprehensive labs and an in-person medical evaluation with a specialist first. Medical providers at in-person testosterone clinics, like the ones at Balanced Medical Solutions, can determine the best option for each patient and make sure they have the correct dosing,  follow-ups, and monitoring. 

Risk Mitigation of Side Effects or Complications

Testosterone treatments are safe when done correctly, but cutting corners for convenience or cost may cause bigger inconveniences, expenses, and health problems down the line. There is a reason testosterone is a schedule III controlled substance in the United States under the Controlled Substances Act and strict safety protocols must be adhered to. For example, self-administering testosterone boosters without a personalized prescription, can lead to a spike in estrogen levels.  High estrogen levels can cause men to develop male breasts, issues with fertility, and have uncontrolled outburst of anger or sadness, among other unpleasant symptoms.  An even higher risk of not having adequate medical monitoring and wellness support, is the thickening of blood that can happen with dosing that is too high. This can increase the risk of a stroke. Under the care of specialized providers who follow strict FDA protocols, these risks are mitigated and avoided. Furthermore, with in-person visits, patients can get their vitals, such as blood pressure, checked and can resolve questions or concerns with  face to face free encounters. 

Given the potential risks of unsupervised or badly-supervised testosterone therapy, and the exponential growth of 1500% increase in online visits to direct-to-consumer (DTC) clinics treating erectile dysfunction from 2017 to 2019, researchers sought to examine whether DTC testosterone clinics “provide appropriate, guideline-concordant care for testosterone therapy.” Their study, published in Dec. 2022 in JAMA Internal Medicine, and which was reported on by Business Insider, reviewed seven “telehealth” clinics that prescribe testosterone therapy remotely (clinics such as  Regenx, Defy Medical, TRT Nation, and Hone). Their results showed that none of the seven online testosterone clinics that they evaluated followed safety and protocol guidelines for prescribing testosterone. Furthermore, they found that “some services may be prescribing testosterone to people who don’t need it—without telling them about the risks it can pose.” [1]


Getting professional, in-person help for andropause or Low T (and ED, for that matter),  is an easy process. It involves a baseline blood test and a physical exam to determine the best solution and prescription for your particular case. At in-person clinics, such as Balanced Medical Solutions, the initial visit is about an hour and includes a medical evaluation with a provider and a follow-up visit over the phone or in person to go over those results and finalize the prescription, if one is needed. 

The blood draw is done on site on the first visit so patients don’t have to go to a lab or request their tests from their primary care provider and then deal with having to get a copy transferred to their prescriber, as is common with online clinics.   At Balanced Medical Solutions, all of this is done for only $99 and establishes the patient with the practice, whereas they get free follow-up visits to assure proper monitoring and success. Follow-up labs, which are necessary for most testosterone treatments (between 1-3 per year, depending on which treatment), can be conveniently done on site for only $99.

Furthermore, if a patient needs immediate support or help with a medical question or issue, with an in-person clinic like Balanced Medical Solutions, they can call or text and make an appointment for the same day or have a phone visit on the spot with a specialist.  A 24-hour answering service also assures that any urgent queries are dealt with in a timely fashion. At Balanced Medical Solutions, there is no additional cost for ongoing support and service, and patients can count on an in-person visit whenever a need arises. Medication refills can also be mailed, when needed.  Furthermore, administration of injectable treatments are available on site by caring professionals for those who prefer not to self-inject at home. 


A lot of men don’t realize that getting testosterone treatment from an in-person clinic is actually the same price or less than what they can find through dubious online clinics. TRT can run as low as $100/m with Balanced Medical Solutions and patients aren’t nickel and dimed for sharps containers, syringes, or other needed supplies. Patients also don’t have to pay to speak to their provider over the phone, if they have quick questions, nor do they have to pay for in-person follow-up visits. 

How can I find out if I have low testosterone and if testosterone therapy is right for ME? 

When you come in for your initial evaluation at Balanced Medical Solutions, you will have an in-person medical exam and visit with a hormone specialist. The medical provider will go over your medical history, symptoms, personal goals, and run comprehensive tests to help determine if there is a hormonal imbalance, such as low testosterone or elevated estrogen. Our thorough evaluation process helps assure that our patients see lasting success and that they medically qualify for whatever treatment they need. 

How is Balanced Medical Solutions different from DTC online clinics offering testosterone treatments?

Balanced Medical Solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, offers testosterone treatments only to patients who could benefit from it by making sure that they qualify and by following strict FDA protocols. Our initial evaluation aims to get at and, when possible, treat the root causes of ED, PE, weight gain, and other Low T symptoms. Fortunately, hormonal imbalances are easily and safely treatable with naturally-derived hormonal treatments like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) or with medications that treat the symptoms directly, helping men avoid embarrassing situations caused by low libido, ED, and PE. 

Unlike DTC online clinics, we offer in-person follow-up visits free of charge to help monitor progress and assure success. And once you are a patient with us, you can always come back for free for medical advice related to all the areas we specialize in: medical weight loss, hormonal imbalances, sexual health, and anti-aging.

Regain your inner balance and turn back the clock on aging today! Book your initial evaluation with the trusted and caring professionals of Balanced Medical Solutions by clicking here.

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